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Send instant verification OTP SMS via the most reliable & secure SMS service provider & direct operator in India. Integrate with various SMS APIs and deliver your SMS Alerts/OTPs directly to your customers inbox at instant.

Short Code

Generate leads, promote brands, get feedback of your customers with short code sms service. Send Transactional, Promotional, Explicit & Implicit SMS with 5 digit number like 56161.

Long Code VMN - P2A SMS

P2A SMS Service with a national telecom service provider. Supports all types API Integration with client System & Middleware for request sharing. Customizable GSM, Landline or Short code number can be provided on request.


Target your potential customers via Geo Analytical SMS & convert them into leads. With the help of multiple operator based filters to choose from, geo analytical service lets you target the right audience at the right Geo-Location. Maximize the chance of having more effective communication at faster.


The most innovative, easy to use and comprehensive SMS Service platform

DND Checkup


Transactional-Promotinal Explicit-Implicit Routes

Advance Scheduling SMS

Short/Smart Link SMS

Unicode SMS

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Grow your business by targeting the right customer by segmenting your audience with all-in-one integrated marketing solution & enjoy better conversions